Commercial 3-Speed Hot-Air Mover / Blower

Commercial 3-Speed Hot-Air Mover / Blower




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24hr:  $60.00 ex GST

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    Hot-Air Mover

    Product Description:
    1. With heating & cooling function together, drying wet floor or carpet.
    2. The outlet temperature within safety scope, 60°C, blower will automatically stop working when the temperature exceed 90°C.
    3. The circuit board wraped with waterproof box, which is dust proof effectively and prevent short-circuit.
    4. The plate holes are only 5mm, comply with finger testing standard to keep safety.
    5. Reasonable design, high efficiency, energy saving and easy operate.
    6. Widely used in hotel, restaurant, office building, shopping mall, hospital, school and other public places.


    • Rotation speed: 1400rpm/min
    • Cable:12m
    • Weight: 22kg
    • Length: 54cm
    • Width: 46cm
    • HeightL 55.5cm